Sleepy Kitty Night Light -
Sleepy Kitty Night Light -
Sleepy Kitty Night Light -
Sleepy Kitty Night Light -
Sleepy Kitty Night Light -
Sleepy Kitty Night Light -

Sleepy Kitty Night Light

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Our Sleepy Kitty Night Lights are a must have if you adore cute home décor that resembles the feline family!

Providing colourful warm but vibrant light, they're a great solution for any child that finds a pitch black room hard to relax and sleep in, but small and soft enough to be used as a fun interactive play toy!

How do they work?

1. When switched on (via the 'ON' button located beneath), the light will be a warm yellow colour.
2. Once patted, the light colour will change gradually through 7 separate colours in a 3 second time period.
3. Patted a second time, the light will stay on the colour currently selected.
4. Patted a 3rd time, the light will switch off.
5. After 1 hour of no interaction, the light will automatically switch off.

Please note

When the light is switched off by patting, it is still working, and a static current is being generated. If not used for a long period of time, please use the 'OFF' button in order to prevent battery loss!

Sleepy Kitty Night Light -


* Ease of use.
* Hand touchable (sensitive pat control).
* Great for children (can be used as a toy).
* Creates warmth and comfort in any room.
* Auto switch off after 1 hour.
* Adorable Kitty shaped.

* Brings many smiles to us Cat lovers.


* Type: Pat light design.
* Control mode: Colour change.
* Luminous colours: 7 colours.
* Working voltage: 4.5v.
* Light source power: 0.3w.
* Dimensions: (H) 102mm (W) 90mm.
* Weight: 160g.

* Material: Silicone & PVC.
* Service life: 50000 hours.

* Batteries: 3 x AAA (Not included).

* Package includes: 1 nightlight / lamp.

"Providing a warmth of light to any area!"

Sleepy Kitty Night Light -