Self-Cleaning Cat Hair Remover Roller Brush -

Self-Cleaning Cat Hair Remover Roller Brush

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We all know astray Cat hair is annoying to deal with, but it's a part of everyday life as a Kitty owner.

Attaching itself to clothes, chairs and carpets (to name but a few), it can be a nightmare to remove *sigh*.

It's also a health hazard to breath in hair and skin particles (which has been linked to asthma symptoms).

> Our 'Self-Cleaning Cat Hair Remover Roller Brushes' are a quick and easy solution for this problem - and they work surprisingly well!


* Ease of use. 
* Time saving.
* Replaces a vacuum / adhesive sticky tape.
* Usable on various surfaces soft OR solid (clothes, sofas etc...)
* Promotes a healthier liveable environment.

* Eco-friendly.


* No batteries, power source or replaceables required.
* Re-usable (many times over).
* Material: Plastic, Silicon and Nylon.

* Size: See images above.
* 1 x roller.

"Works surprisingly well!"

Self-Cleaning Cat Hair Remover Roller Brush -

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