Catch The Mouse Toy -

Catch The Mouse Toy

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Does it seem to you that your Cat is always looking for the next piece of home furniture or object to scratch and claw? Thought so!

Although this can be very frustrating for us humans as this tends to cause damage to our hard earned valuables, this is very instinctive within Cats. This allows them to shed old cuticle (the dead skin at the base of their claws), sharpen their claws, stretch their muscles, and even leave their scent. It's a must-do activity for them!

Catch The Mouse Toy -

The 'Sisal' fabric mat (as shown above), is a great scratching surface for a Cats claw. It's a heavy-duty material which shreds under their claws skin - but in a pleasing way. An important component to your Cat finding a scratch satisfying, is the ability to shred the material.

Catch The Mouse Toy -

Along with the sisal fabric mat, is the main bulk of the toy: the 'rotating Mouse arm' (as shown above). *** With it's natural movement propelled by your Cats instinctive hunting and pouncing, you'll never get tired of seeing your Cat trying to catch the fury little mouse that keeps spinning away. (The mouse swivels 360 degrees both clock wise and anticlockwise to escape your Cats grasp).

> Our 'Catch The Mouse Toy' is a great solution to solve the instinctive and necessary hunting, clawing and scratching actions of your Cat! 

Key benefits:

* Ideal for any size Cat.
* Keeps your Kitty entertained for hours.
* Rotating mouse with sisal scratching mat to provide natural care for your Cats claws.
* Suitable for training and exercise.
* Satisfy your Cats natural instinct for hunting.

* Non-slip rubber pads protect your floors and furniture.


* No batteries required.
* Material: Plastic, Sisal.
* Measurements: 9.84 x 2.76 inches (Approximately).

* Please allow a 2 - 3mm sizing error due to supplier measurements.

"Keeping your Kitty busy!"

Catch The Mouse Toy -

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