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Cats, being the incredible animals that they are, bring us endless love filled moments throughout our lives. But as any Kitty owner will tell you, they just adore a good snooze! So what better way is there to support their often snoozes, than providing them with a warm and cosy bed?

Listed below is a handful of our most purrchased and loved novelty beds. If you've a great sense of humour, we know you'll love them too!



Comfy Cat Foldable Cave/Igloo Beds

What could be a better gift of comfort for your kitty, than these soft suede Comfy Cat Foldable Cave/Igloo Beds? With their ability to transform into an large cave, igloo or chair, these uniquely designed beds are the ideal haven for your pets at home!


* Removable cover.
* 3 changeable bed styles (as shown in images above).
Material: Suede, PP Cotton.

Size: 62 x 38 x 31cm [Approximately] (Ideal for Cats under the weight of 5kg).

"Your Kitty would love it too!" : D

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Comfy Cat Fruit Tart Bed

Your Cat will LOVE to curl up peacefully in the beds pastry shell, amongst the featured Kiwi, Raspberry, Tangerine and 2 Blueberry spongy fruit cushions. Your Kitty doesn't prefer pillows? No problem! They can be sprinkled in Cat Nip and used as side toys, as they are separable from the cotton bed.

> This luxury plush Cat bed, not only brightens up your room, but is stuffed with orthopaedic material, to provide support and comfort for your beloved companion.


Material: PP Cotton.
Hand washable.
Weight: 350g.
Size: 40cm (Diameter) [Approximately].
* Both bed and cushions included.

"Mouth watering good!" : D

Comfy Cat Fruit Tart Bed -

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Comfy Cat Banana Bed

Replicating an edible Banana, it can be peeled back, which provides a sneaky eye opening, or leave it unpeeled, to keep your Kitty feeling safe and secure.


* Material: Super soft short plush fabric.

* Velcro opening and closing.
Size: 90 x 30 x 20cm [Approximately].

"How adorable do these kitties look!" : D

Comfy Cat Banana Cat Bed -

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Comfy Cat Marshmallow Beds

Featuring a round design (which automatically creates a cosy and protective atmosphere), your feline friend will feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to experience a truly restful sleep...The enhanced edge also acts as a headrest to offer additional orthopaedic support!


* Material: Faux shag fur (Non-toxic). 
* Eco-friendly.

* Hand or machine washable (maximum 600 rpm).

"Doing what he does best!" : D

Comfy Cat Marshmallow Beds -

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Comfy Cat Shark Bed

Replicating a great white, the fearsome jaw creates a snugly opening where your kitty can enter and exit, alternatively, the bottom cushion can be removed and place on top of the frame, to create a comfy open lay-about.


* Material: 100% Cotton.
* Hand washable.

* Size: (S) Weight within 4kg (M) Weight within 8kg.

"A pose of appreciation!" : D

Comfy Cat Shark Bed -

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Comfy Cat Hamburger Bed

Replicating an edible Hamburger, the buns can be separated, providing a squishy topless resting place, or leave the buns together, to provide a sneaky eye opening keeping your Kitty feeling safe and secure.


* Material: Cotton, Shu Velvet, Sponge.
* Zipper/Button opening and closing. 
* Hand or soft machine washable.

Size: (S) Weight within 4kg (M) Weight within 8kg.

"The comfiest of cats!" : D

Comfy Cat Hamburger Bed -

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Comfy Cat Hammock

They can relax in the daylight sun whilst nosying at passers by, what could be a better gift for your Kitty to enhance what they naturally do?


* Material: Oxford fabric, Felt.
* Removable and washable mats. 
* Size: See image above.

* Weight: Holds up to 10kg (22lbs) of weight.

"They really do LOVE them!"

Comfy Cat Hammock Bed -

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Comfy Cat Slipper Style Beds

A modern warm and cosy cotton must have, to provide that much needed security and comfort for your furry companion!


* Material: 100% Cotton.
* Wash style: Machine washable.
* Sizes: XS, S, M, L.

* Weight: 0.15 - 0.45 kg.

"Very warm and cosy!"

Comfy Cat Slipper Style Beds -

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Why a bed, and does my Cat(s) really need one?"

Any Cat owner will know that their Kitty (or Kitties) laze and sleep wherever they please. This is a given. But you may need your pet to have one for a multiple of reasons:

1. You need your own space, and having your beloved animal sleep with you in bed (or even on your head as some Cats randomly tend to do lol) can be very unrestful, especially if you have work the following morning.

2. Cats do not wash their booty's (I know it's grim lol) and can leave an unwanted mess on you or your bed.

3. Felines in general tend to be very territorial, so them having their own unique space within the house can result in a more pleasant atmosphere.

"How do I get my Cat to use his/her bed?"

1. The first step is to make the space or area the bed is located in suit him/her. Some kitties love to be up high on a ledge, whilst others find under a table more appealing. Even a secluded room or area near where you sleep may work well too.

2. If you have tried the above options and nothing seems to work (all Cats are different) maybe try adding a peace of your worn clothing to their bed as this may provide them with your comforting human smell. = The purrfect place for any Cat owner / lover.



Article written by Emma, Team @ Joy From Cats.


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